Sexy Furniture porte bien son nom

06 Fév 2006

Cherchez la ou les femmes derrière ( et sans jeux de mots ! ) les meubles tout en rondeur dessinés par Mario Philippona, ébéniste artiste hollandais.

Les seins ouvrent les portes et les fesses servent de tiroir pour une collection très sexy …

Toute sa collection sur son site sexyfurniture


Nathalie Giraud Sexotherapeute
Nathalie Giraud Sexotherapeute


  1. Exhibition Sexy Furniture of the famous designer Mario Philippona
    & Exhibition of the Italian grand master Bruno di Maio

    Amadeus Art Gallery Berlin at the Potsdamer Straße 98, organizes an exhibition, on the 2nd of December of 2006, of the Italian painter Bruno di Maio and the Dutch furniture artist Mario Philippona with his unique line: “Sexy Furniture”.

    Bruno di Maio, one of the best, new, figurative artists of Italy, will be showing more than forty works, mainly nudes and still lifes. In his work, his great passion for the Renaissance is very obvious, but at the same time, a strong desire for expressive autonomy is clearly visible. Characteristics for Bruno di Maio’s works are joy, carnal, vivid colours and vibrant with light. His works can be found mainly in private and public collections in the United States, Australia, Europe and Japan. He will now, for the first time, exhibit his beautiful and vivid paintings in Berlin.

    He will be personally present at the vernissage on the 2nd of December, 2006, at Amadeus Art.

    Besides that, the unique line of top designer Mario Philippona, “Sexy Furniture”, will be abundantly represented and to be admired. Mario Philippona is a sculptor and a cabinet maker. By combining these two talents, a really unique line came to life that does not know it’s equal yet.

    Mario Philippona has made own design, as well as custom design for persons and companies in the form of exclusive counters, complete office interiors, bookcases and hifi furniture. He studied architecture at the “San Francisco Institute of Architecture” in San Francisco and at the “Institute for Architecture Development” in Maassluis. He gets inspired by contemporary and organic architecture in which he has a preference for sober lines and plain shapes. By following the natural shapes in wood, he comes at the shape he admires the most, the female shape. His passion for wood and woman, is reflected clearly in his already much talked about furniture line: “Sexy Furniture”.

    The collection of Sexy Furniture by Mario Philippona and the paintings by Bruno di Maio are exclusively for sale and deliverable via Amadeus Art. This very special exhibition can be visited freely, for the whole month of December.

    Potsdamer Straße 98, Berlin

  2. ulrichglonou affirme: novembre 28, 2008 at 2:40

    j;aime les filles qui ont des seins et sont belles

  3. charme affirme: février 4, 2011 at 9:51

    des meuble wouaaaa à faire dresser un homme

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